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Our artists have currently retreated to our studios and workshops to produce more creative treasures. ArtWorks at the Depot will open again late May, 2015. See you then!

In the Fall join us for our First Friday receptions from 5 to 7pm, the First Fridays of September, October & November!

ArtWorks Display

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ArtWorks at the Depot is an artist-run cooperative, with a gallery/store, located in the restored 1873 Railroad Depot in Kane, Pennsylvania. We are artists and art lovers, inspired by the natural beauty and historic significance of our northern Allegheny region.

While our artists are busy throughout the year we have a limited season and hours for our gallery/store. Our season runs from the last weekend of May though the end of December. During our season you can visit our gallery/store Saturdays and Sundays from 11 AM to 5 PM, or by appointment.

As we travel along on our own creative journeys we are exploring our local cultural heritage. We are a 'work in progress,' and we are enjoying the ride as our creative process launches new artists and new projects.

The Artwork in our gallery is displayed in the old depot building which also showcases old treasures of local history and railroad memorabilia. It is a pleasure to share both old treasures and new works of art with our visitors.

"Everyone has a story; the most profound parts are told not by statistics, but by the things one leaves behind  -  spoken through off-spring objects which dreams and hands have manipulated, toiled with, and then set to float on the surface of time." Dennis Driscoll 
ArtWorks at the Depot - PO Box 525 - 1 South Fraley Street - Kane, Pennsylvania - 16735 -- info@alleghenyartworks.org